Past Club Projects

Spawning bed improvements & enhancements:

  • Mississippi River: at Ferguson Falls; Innisville, Maple Creek into Mississippi Lake

  • Dalhousie Lake

  • White Lake: 4 locations around the lake and tributaries [partnered with Watersheds Canada]

  • Clyde River: near Joe’s Lake

  • Christie Lake

  • Park’s Lake

 We created ‘brush bundles’ to shelter bait fish in Dalhousie Lake.

 We enhanced Brook Trout habitat in Waddell [Easton’s Creek] by assisting Watersheds Canada plant shade trees along the creek to help keep the creek’s water cooler in summer months. This also included removing debris to promote flow in the creek.

 We assisted local Councils in the monitoring of the presence of Cougars, Black Bears, Bees, Wild Pigs, and the presence of Wild Parsnip which is an invasive specie.

 We hosted Grade 1 & 2 students to assemble Blue Bird houses, so they could install them at home, promoting these songs birds nesting, and habitat.

 We have supported the Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative to help youth learn to handle firearms safely, and acquire their hunting licenses.

 We have supported numerous Kids Fish Derbies, teaching youth fish identification, and safe handling of fish. 

In certain years, we have supported feeding supplements during winters which were harmful to Deer.

Blue Bird Nest Box Project

On June 13, 2023, 4 Lanark & District Fish & Game Conservation Club Members, Gordie Morrice, Susan Crosbie, Terry Tysick & John Palmer attended Maple Grove Public School in Lanark where they helped eighteen grade 1 & 2 students of Ms Shannon Wheeler’s class construct blue bird nest boxes. They were assisted by a teaching assistant and five grade 6 students.

All the students assembled a blue bird nest box which they took home.

The lumber was provided by Terry Tysick and Gordie Morrice and was cut and assembled into kits by Susan Crosbie, Lance Kendall, Trevor Cole, John Palmer, Jim Tye & Pat Tye on June 9, 2023.

Invasive Species Signs Project

Through the efforts of Club member Bob Emery, the Lanark & District Fish & Game Conservation Club received 30 invasive species signs [Clean, Drain, Dry] from the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters in 2021.

Some of these were installed by Club members at lake & river access points in Lanark County. The Mississippi Lakes Association installed four on Mississippi Lake and Murphy’s Point Provincial Park installed two in the park.

Unfortunately, none were installed in 2022.

In 2023, Club member Terry Tysick coordinated this project and now has 32 signs installed.